Old School Boxing

The majority of these classes focus on partner work, footwork drills & skill development to prepare you to box.

The Partner work will include defense work like slipping, ducking, brushing & catching punches & and also how to hold the focus pads for a partner. There is also optional sparring included in these sessions. Working on your fitness is a bi-product of this class (as with all of our classes.)

Bullies will not be tolerated – there are no trophies awarded to any "heroes"!

You don't need to bring a partner with you to do these classes.

Class Information

  • Fitness Level: 
    Intermediate to advanced trainers.
  • Boxing Exp Level: 

    We like you to have done our “Boxing Fitness” classes before starting these, especially if you are new to boxing. This will give you a starting point and a chance to keep up with the other participants and allow the trainers to concentrate on teaching at an intermediate – advanced level rather than to beginners.

  • Notes: 
    This session involves contact (some punches may slip through if you make a boo-boo). Partner work limited to restricted force.
  • Requirements: Mouth guards and 16oz gloves are required.
  • Cost: 
    $20 ($15 concession card holder) or included in your monthly class membership (add $3 for 16 oz glove hire & $3 sweat towel hire if you don't have your own).