Fight Camp - Train to Compete


Train with boxing trainers Brad & Jackie. They have over 20 years experience in boxing each. Brad having around 60 fights under his belt including: boxing as an amateur at a state and national level; boxing as a professional at a state level and even a short stint in amateur kickboxing as a young lad. They are both relentless as trainers (but in a good way). They give you the push you may need to give you every advantage when you hop into the ring. As well as help you reach your peak in fitness, they will also teach you the skills it takes to box.

Brad is a registered ABL & ABA Coach & a Registered Professional Boxing Trainer. There are a couple of other registered Boxing Trainers (including Wade & Brett) who assist in training the fighters and who help corner on fight night.

Training Information

  • Level:
    Beginner to advanced trainers.
    If you can, get a head start with our non-contact boxing fitness classes if you have no or little prior knowledge of boxing.
  • Notes:
    Contact is a definite! You will need a mouth guard & 16oz gloves
  • Cost:
    “Fight Camp” is a 10 week program. There are no casual visitors allowed. Payment for the entire 10-12 weeks is arranged upfront or with a direct debit agreement prior to starting. (add $3 glove hire & $2 sweat towel hire if you don't have your own).