Frequently Asked Questions

The non-contact classes include bag work & focus pad work. You will not be pairing up with people to spar (in the ring, with mouth guards, punching each other). If you would like to do contact training, speak with Jackie or Brad. When boxing to compete obviously there will be contact involved. This means there maybe some risks of injury like other contact sports such as rugby or league.

We ask that all participants receive a medical that determines you "fit to box" prior to sparring.

You only need to book into the classes that are marked "bookings essential". You do not need to book for any of the other classes, however you will need to check each week if the Saturday morning classes are on. This is notified at the gym through the week, posted up on facebook or you can send Jackie a text on 0413 363 958

You will need to book in to organize a time for Personal or Group Training (if you want to bring your own group like your Sports Team for example)

Please call if you intend on bringing in more than 4 friends to one class. Some of the classes are busier than others so we can let you know if we can accommodate you all.

If there is enough room you can, but the class participants do have priority on all equipment during class times.

We cater for all fitness levels. In the classes you have your own bag to train on so you can go flat out, full steam ahead if your super fit, or you can back off and have as many rests as you need if your just starting out.

We do need you to have medical clearance before starting any training if you have any injuries, illnesses or conditions that may affect your training.

If you're old enough to be using our website or young enough that your eyesight can cope reading it, you're fine!
Our current members range from ages 12 to 70.

Just a comfortable shirt & shorts/pants that you wouldn't be afraid to sweat in. Sensible trainers are recommended. Please bring a sweat towel to training.

1 hour Personal & Small group training can be provided outside gym hours (1/2 hr sessions have to be during or around gym hours). Other sessions are held during gym hours.

We have members that train most days with us & others that only attend once a week to break up their regular training. It really depends on your goals, commitments, time restraints.

No, it depends on your commitments. We have a casual visit fee in place enabling you to pay for whatever class you would like to attend.

We also have monthly memberships for people doing their own training or 10 visit passes for those attending classes at least twice a week.

No, Sparring is an activity accessible to members wanting to compete in boxing. We don't not enforce members to spar, however if it is something you would like to get involved in you will need to speak to Jackie or Brad.

All participants interested in sparring have to have a medical completed stating they are "fit to box". A waiver also needs to be signed by the individual and the individual's parent or guardian if they are under 18 years of age. The parent or guardian must come in to sign the waiver so we can meet them in person. (To some this may seem annoying but it is in the best interest of the individual sparring).

Generally speaking...No. However we do usually stay open for The Newcastle Show Public HolidayCheck with us on Facebook, if you're not sure.