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Train to Compete

Brad Ryan has over 15 years experience in boxing with around 50 fights under his belt including: boxing as an amateur at a state and national level; boxing as a professional at a state level and even a short stint in amateur kickboxing as a young lad.

Boxing Fitness Classes

They are our most popular classes and include a dynamic mix of both cardio & resistance training focusing on boxing based fitness. All fitness and skill levels are catered for & no prior boxing knowledge is needed.

Boxing Training Classes

Defence work & sparring classes. The majority of these classes focus on partner work, footwork drills & skill development to prepare you to box. There is also optional sparring included in these sessions. Fitness is a bi-product as with all of our boxing training.

Final Round

Final Round is a 45 minute high intensity body conditioning & body fat stripping session. This class will draw on all the large muscle groups to ensure you smash a huge amounts of calories at each session while helping you to become fitter, leaner & stronger.

Sparring Sessions

These sessions are focused on sparring (boxing not kick-boxing). These sessions will be highly supervised. Once again bullies will not be tolerated. Sparring is not meant to be carried out at 100% of your effort, so you are not trying to knock each others heads off!

Personal Training & Small Group Training

Lead by qualified instructors (certified through Fitness NSW) & professional boxing trainers (certified through NSW Boxing Authority), Action Boxing & Fitness caters for all ages, fitness levels & people with or without previous boxing experience.

Sports Team Sessions

Using boxing for cross training will help your team member's work through training plateaus. As well as keeping them interested not only in training... but training hard. We can structure a session to suit the requirements of your team in and outside of regular gym hours.

Corporate Fitness

We all know if we are happy and healthy at work we are productive at work. We love having work mates come in and punch out their frustrations while working on their health and fitness at the same time. Now that’s productive!