Boxing Fitness

This is the class we have been running since it all began about 15 years ago. They are our most popular classes for beginner – advanced trainers and include a dynamic mix of both cardio & resistance training focusing on boxing based fitness. All fitness and skill levels are catered for in this class & no prior boxing knowledge is needed. If you're just starting out, you can slow down as often as you need until your fitness level increases (and you won't feel left behind.) Or if you're ready to be'll soon learn how far.


The classes are open to men and women and have a great cross section of people participating in them. We have husband and wives coming in, parents & kids, team mates from various other sports joining in for cross training, to mention a few. You can come in and get a great workout without feeling uncoordinated or like you are out of place. You don't need to bring a training partner because you'll meet plenty of others in the classes to train with.

The Instructors have backgrounds in competitive boxing, which make the classes more authentic than most

These classes include a combination of the following:

  • One on one focus pad work with a trainer – if you're used to doing focus pad work (sometimes confused with sparring) with a "training partner" or a fitness instructor who has done a one day boxing course you will soon feel the difference when an experienced trainer puts you through your paces.
  • Bag work – you'll have your own bag to train on so you can go flat out or pace yourself depending on your fitness level.
  • Medicine ball work – great for muscle toning and explosive power.
  • Kick pad work – to blast your biggest muscle groups – your legs & butt.
  • Skipping – great for the ticker, the most important muscle in your body.
  • Challenging abdominal and core work
  • Plus extras like tug of war, battle ropes, power bags, slam balls, squats, push-ups – all the fun stuff!

Please note:

If you are new to boxing try to come 5 – 10 minutes before the start of your first class for a quick run down of what we will be doing & to fill out a quick form.

Keep in mind that if there are 2 classes back to back we may not be able to go through the session with you before you begin as we are usually just finishing off the first class to start the second one. (You just have to check if the Saturday class is running each week. This is noted on the class timetable.)

Class Information

  • Fitness Level: 
    Beginner to advanced trainers.
  • Boxing Exp Level: 
    No boxing experience required.
  • Notes: 
  • Cost: 
    $20 ($15 concession card holder) or included in your monthly class membership (add $2 glove hire & $3 sweat towel hire if you don't have your own).