About Us

Family owned & operated Boxing Gym Trainers Brad & Jackie.

Both have over 20 years experience in boxing both as Competitors & Trainers in the Sport of Boxing.

Established in 2003, Action boxing & fitness is a committed gym offering real boxing & fitness training to the general public. Located at ½ Revelation Close, Tighes Hill NSW. Action boxing & fitness is easily accessible, has near by free parking & provides a fun & friendly environment for anyone interested in improving their (physical & mental) health, fitness and lifestyle.

With the growing trend seeing most gyms include boxercise type classes. Action pushes it further, offering morning & afternoon Non-contact Boxing Classes, Technique Development Classes, Strength & Conditioning Sessions, Personal & Small Group Training, Corporate Training and also Training to Compete.

Lead by qualified instructors (certified through Fitness NSW) & professional boxing trainers (certified through Combat Sports NSW), Action Boxing & Fitness caters for all ages, fitness levels & people with or without previous boxing experience.

Our Trainers


Jackie opened Action boxing & fitness in 2003 after the closure of Bank Corner Boxing Gym (where she trained & worked part time). Its humble beginnings where inside The Newcastle Showground. The next then move was to Church Street, Wickham and is now (hopefully) in its forever home in Tighes Hill!

“My passion for boxing began in 1997 when I moved back home from Sydney, unfit & pretty unhappy. My intention was never to compete - I thought it was thug’s sport really. I started doing non-contact circuit classes but got hooked and eventually loved the feeling of accomplishment I felt when I started seeing & feeling results (including losing around 30kg).

I was encouraged by one of the outside trainers – Ian Batty to have a go at sparring and as hard as it was, that brought a much greater sense of achievement. Ian trained me - running 5 sessions & boxing 6 sessions per week. It was fairly brutal back then, no consistent women to spar with as it was illegal for women to compete in NSW at the time, and not many men would want you to be seen as having anything up on them, so many didn’t hold back. I had black eyes more often than not for a quite a while. The feeling I got from being able to get through tough times greater outweighed short term pain. So I stuck with it & ended up competing.

I ended up training and competing at a fairly high level making my way to the NSW Selection Trials for the Commonwealth Games in 2010. Then stopped when I fell pregnant with my now 6 year old son Ollie.”


Brad started boxing / kickboxing at around 15 years old. Obviously growing up getting picked on at school for his stutter had a huge influence on his chosen sport.

Brad was one of Jackie’s sparring partners. “If awards were to be given out for “best & fairest” Brad would have received it hands down! He would push me enough so I would learn, but hold back just enough to keep me honest without getting badly bashed. He was tough but fair!”

Brad resisited getting involved teaching for quite a few years, but as he got to know a lot of the gym members he starred helping Jackie in her busier classes. Soon after he developed his own training program “Bars & Bags” including Olympic lifting in the sessions. He now also runs our “Fight Camp” Programs giving members of the general public the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones or “tick one off the bucket list” by having an amateur boxing bout.